Grand Union Alliance

Grand Union Alliance is a strong network of residents and community groups (from Brent, Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham) focused on influencing large scale developments in the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation Area - one of London's two Mayoral Development Corporation Area. The network was established and is supported by LTF working with Just Space. Funding for this initially came through Trust for London and currently via 'Governing the Future City' a UCL international research project. Link to Grand Union Alliance website.

Communities influencing and challenging large-scale developments

This project, now in its forth year of funding from Trust for London, has focused on supporting networks of groups in Opportunity Areas, where large numbers of homes and jobs are to be delivered. Initially LTF established and supported networks in Greenwich, Hackney and Newham (with Just Space) as well as in and around the Old Oak and Park Royal Area. Some of the work in east London focused on the London Legacy Development Corporation Area (London's first Mayoral Development Corporation) and particularly around attempts by community groups to influence the development of the LLDC's Local Plan. This also brought in groups from Tower Hamlets. The project has also supported the residents from in and around the Carpenters Estate to establish a Neighbourhood Forum (Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum) and to make significant progress on developing a Neighbourhood Plan (within the LLDC area). A wider network in and around the LLDC area aims to stay together and to look for additional funding after the Trust for London funding ends. Recent work here included the organisation of an event entitled 'the Olympic Legacy - four years on. Olympic Legacy - four years on report



Challenging the Stereotypes

Made by a young film maker from a London council estate, and edited by a representative of one of the LTF member federations, LTF's 'Challenging the Stereotypes' contains comments from some of London's tenants' representatives, facilitating the expression of LTF concerns about negative portrayals of council tenants in the media. This video was made in 2010 with funding from London Councils. Sadly three of the tenant contributors in the video have died since the video was made.