Four things LTF will be looking for in the 2018 Social Housing Green Paper - A positive future for social housing in London

LTF enagaged with London Assembly Housing Committee investigagion - social housing tenants' involvement in decision-making about their homes post-Grenfell:

Consultation on estate demolition ballots:

LTF is working with Prof Loretta Lees, Leicester University, on her Economic and Social Research Council grant funded project, focused on Gentrification, Displacement, and the Impacts of Council Estate Renewal in C21st London. The research so far shows that 54,263 social-rented homes have been demolished since 1997. A conservative estimate of 135,658 council tenants and leaseholders have been/are being displaced as a result.

The London Mayor has finally (Feb 2018) published his good practice guide on estate regeneration (a year on from publishing the consultation).

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